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Halloween Door Decorating How-To

Happy Halloween to Our Neighbors at Riverview!


Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re excited to have our Riverview families display their enchanting & spooky Halloween spirit! This year, Riverview would like to invite all our residents to participate in a new neighborhood decorating tradition. Halloween is a time of celebration for children and adults alike, so everyone can join the fun. 


Community living is an important part of Riverview at the Preserve and a big reason why it has become such a great place to live.


You can join in the fun this year or revamp some décor from years past. If you’re wondering how to make a fun, festive and beautiful Halloween fall statement on the outside of your home, consider some of the following decorating ideas:


  1. Straw bales. Place straw bales on your porch. You may want to add a fabric scarecrow or two on top to make it look interesting. These are great because they work for Thanksgiving/Autumn décor as well. Place gourds and pumpkins around and in front of the bales to add some dimension and character.

  2. Carve pumpkins to display. Creating jack-o-lanterns are more than just a fun activity, they are a great way to decorate the outside of your home. No matter how fancy you like to make your face, a battery-operated tea-light on inside will make it shine. Kids will love being a part of what makes your home stand out. 
  3. Create a scarecrow. What’s great about a scarecrow is that he can be as spooky or sweet as your family would like. Stuff some old clothes with newspapers, sit him down in an old chair, and add a small pumpkin on the shoulders for a fun display. You can also throw some clothes on a store-bought skeleton for a similar look with a bit less work. 

  4. Door Decorating. This is a great way to let your imagination run free and transform your front door into anything. Whether you add a cute fall wreath or turn it into a giant orange pumpkin, the possibilities are endless.


On Halloween, Trick-or-Treaters and their families will love the displays as they go door-to-door looking for goodies. As a community, it will be exciting to see the individual homes, decorated in their own style


*Due to HOA Policies, no decorations are allowed on the lawns.